Specialty Items

For those that are looking to provide a wide variety of sweets for their event, these specialty items are the perfect choice! Each item is created to order and can be decorated to match the theme of your event. If you don't see what you're looking for, or if you're ready to move forward with your design ideas, contact me today to receive a quote!


Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Who doesn't love the combination of berries and chocolate?! These beauties are $30/dozen for a basic dip and stripe, but can be designed to fit your event for an additional fee. Contact me today to place your berry order!


unicorn oreos.png

Chocolate Dipped Oreos

These circles of chocolate goodness are always a perfect fit for any chocolate lover! The oreos are dipped in the chocolate of your choice and can be decorated to fit your party theme. My chocolate oreos start at $18 per half dozen and can increase based on design complexity. Email me today for a custom quote!


Design with your vision in mind, my decorated sugar cookies will add a definite WOW factor to your event! From the simple and elegant, to the wacky and non-traditional, your vision can be brought to life through a cookie! My sugar cookies start at $36/dozen for basic designs, and increase based on design complexity. To order a custom set, contact me today with your design details!


Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispies Treats

Snap, Crackle and Pop are one of the more popular items on the menu! These treats are hand dipped in a chocolate of your choice and designed to match any theme for any event. My chocolate dipped rice krispies start at $24/dozen for a basic dip and stripe and can increase based on design complexity. Contact me today to discuss your design details!

Candy Apples

Available in a variety of flavors, from key lime and strawberry to cotton candy and bubblegum, candy apples are perfect for a kid's birthday party! These apples can also be custom decorated to wow your guests. My apples start at $36 per half dozen, with a half dozen minimum, and can increase based on design complexity and packaging. Contact me today to receive a custom quote!


Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

These jumbo, fluffy balls of awesomeness are a perfect addition to any children's party! Then again, who says marshmallows are just for kids? My chocolate marshmallows start at $20/dozen for plain dip and stripe, and increase based on theme and design complexity. Contact me today to order yours now!

Cake Addiction Jars

For those that need desserts on the go, these jars are perfect! From red velvet and champagne to a simple plain jane and even banana pudding, there are many flavors to choose from. Head over to my shop to order your jars today!